Ainu Language Program pirka! BINGO a=ki ro


Kotan (Traditional Ainu Village)

  • Required Time 30 min
  • Capacity 20 people

Discover some of the basics of Ainu language through a children’s bingo game unique to Upopoy. Everyone who participates receives a special gift!

Required Time 30 min
Capacity 20 people
  1. 2:00pm
Fee Free (included in admission)
Age Limit This activity is intended for children up to elementary school age (ages 12 and under).
How to take part Go directly to venue
Visitors may be asked to wait before entering the venue.
Available languages Members of staff are provided with machine translation equipment
Notes / Items to bring Venue: Sinot cise
Please note that this program is intended for children. Adults may also be able to take part if spaces are available.