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Глаза камуй


Павильон практического обучения

  • Required Time 10 minutes
  • Capacity 27 people each time

The Ainu people have a close connection to animals and view them as spirit-deities (kamuy). See how kamuy view the world in a projection on a semicircular dome. With a 180-degree view vertically and horizontally, you’ll feel as if you’re running wild amid Hokkaido’s abundant nature yourself.

Required Time 10 minutes
Capacity 27 people each time
  1. 9:30am
  2. 9:50am
  3. 10:30am
  4. 10:50am
  5. 11:30am
  6. 11:50am
  7. 12:30pm
  8. 12:50pm
  9. 1:30pm
  10. 1:50pm
  11. 2:30pm
  12. 2:50pm
  13. 3:30pm
  14. 3:50pm
  15. 4:30pm
  16. 4:50pm
  17. 5:30pm
  18. 5:50pm
  19. 6:10pm
  20. 6:30pm
  21. 6:50pm
  22. 7:10pm
Fee Free (included in admission)
Age Limit For ages 13 and over
How to take part Numbered tickets will be available at the venue for each session
Available languages Есть сопроводительные пояснительные материалы (английский язык)
Notes / Items to bring -