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See Inside a Cise


Традиционная айнская деревня КОТАН

  • Required Time 10 minutes
  • Capacity 15 people

As you look inside a traditional Ainu house (cise), you’ll hear audio explanations about household traditions, connections with spirit-deities (kamuy) and items such as traditional clothing and valuable items.

Required Time 10 minutes
Capacity 15 people
  1. 9:00am~5:00pm
Fee Free (included in admission)
Age Limit -
How to take part Go directly to venue
Available languages Сопроводительные объяснения (английский язык) и приложение-гид (английский, традиционный и упрощенный китайский, корейский, тайский и русский языки)
Notes / Items to bring -