Get a timed-entry museum pass

*Reservations are not required to enter Upopoy.
*Due to the possibility of congestion (school trips, etc.), reserving a timed-entry museum pass in advance is recommended.

Select a ticket type

  • Tickets for entry can be reserved from 28 days before the date on which you intend to visit.
  • Entry is free of charge for junior high school students and under and for visitors with disabilities and one caregiver.
  • All visitors can reserve one of the above tickets for entry in advance.This includes visitors for whom entry is free of charge.
  • In Japan, most students attend high school from age 16 to 18. If you are aged 16 to 18, please ask for the high school price. If you are aged 15 or under, you may enter Upopoy for free.

⬇ See below for details

Admission fees

Type Price Tickets needed for entry
For Upopoy: For the National Ainu Museum
(Advance reservations recommended)※2
General admission Adult 1,200 yen Date-specific one day tickets
Timed-entry museum passes
(Advance reservations recommended)
High school student 600 yen
Group admission(groups of 20 or more)※2 Adult 960 yen
High school student 480 yen
  • Junior high school student and under
  • visitors with disabilities and one caregiver
  • Visitors who have admission tickets without a specified date
  • Visitors with entry vouchers issued by travel agencies
  • One Year Pass holders
  1. ※1 Date-specific one day tickets can be purchased at convenience stores. See the following website for details (available in Japanese only): How to Buy JTB Leisure Tickets
  2. ※2 Pay at our ticket office after signing up for timed-entry museum passes for the people in your group.
  3. ※3 These tickets cannot be reserved at convenience stores.

One Year Pass

Type Price
Adult 2,000 yen
High school student 1,000 yen
  • One Year Passes offer unlimited access to Upopoy for one year for about the price of two one-day tickets.
  • When you have picked a date for your visit, sign up for a timed-entry museum pass (date and time must be reserved online) before coming to the museum. (See the price list above.)
  • To prevent accidents and other issues caused by congestion on the exhibition floor of the National Ainu Museum, we recommend making an advance reservation for a specific admission time slots.
  • These tickets can be requested from 28 days before the date on which you intend to visit.
  • You can also pick up timed-entry museum passes at the information desk in the museum when you arrive, but you may be asked to wait if the exhibition floor is full because priority is given to visitors with a reservation.
  • Separate tickets available free of charge on the day of your visit may be required to enter facilities other than the museum.
  • Entry to the museum is included in the price of admission to Upopoy.
  • Separate fees may apply for access to special exhibitions and other events.

Procedure for Entry to Upopoy

Before the date of your visit

1. Purchase/Request admission tickets

  • Admission tickets can also be purchased on arrival, however, visitors are advised to reserve a timed-entry museum pass in advance.
  • Click here if you intend to visit as a group of 20 people or more.

On the date of your visit

2. Read the requests to visitors in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Thermal imaging is used to perform temperature checks at the entrance gate. Visitors with a fever of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or higher will not be allowed to enter Upopoy.

Please make use of hand sanitizer.

3. Pass through the entrance gate

  • If you have a date-specific one day ticket, hold the QR code up to an automatic ticket gate or present your ticket to a member of staff at the entrance gate.
  • Click here for details on the available types of admission ticket.
Note to visitors when entering Upopoy
  • In order to ensure that entry proceeds smoothly, please print your QR code in advance and present it to a member of staff at the entrance gate (visitors who cannot print their code should ensure that their QR code is displayed on the screen of their smartphone or similar device when lining up at the gate).
  • Visitors with disabilities should present their disability certificate or similar documentation together with their QR code.

4. Enter Upopoy

  • After passing through the entrance gate, you are free to move around the park.
  • Please note that separate tickets (available on the day) are required for some exhibitions and activities.
  • Please note that access to some exhibitions and activities may not be possible due to capacity restrictions implemented in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cancellation method for each admission ticket

Tickets purchased through Webket

  • Tickets can be canceled up until the date of admission.
  • A cancellation fee of 15% applies to any cancellations made within two days of the date of admission.
  • To make a cancelation, access your purchase history through your Webket account and follow the cancellation procedure.
  • Purchases for which a receipt has been issued cannot be refunded.
  • Please note that tickets purchased together cannot be canceled individually. Tickets should be purchased separately if there is a possibility that the number of visitors may change.
  • No cancellation fee applies for date-specific reservation tickets and timed-entry passes for the museum.
  • Please note that cancellations cannot be accepted over the phone.

Tickets purchased at convenience store terminals

Cancellations are subject to a fixed cancellation fee of 15% of the cost of your purchase. C
Please note that refunds can only be paid to Japanese bank accounts.

  1. Cancel your ticket(s) by contacting the JTB HTA Sales Center on or before the date of admission.
  2. Mail your ticket(s) to the JTB HTA Sales Center in Kumamoto City (postage costs are to be borne by the customer). Please include your name, contact information and details of the bank account into which you wish the refund to be paid.
  3. Your refund (after the cancellation fee and any applicable bank fees have been subtracted) will be paid into the specified bank account.






Shiraoi: 0144-82-3914
9:00am to 5:00pm (except Mondays)

Sapporo: 011-206-7427
9:00am to 5:00pm (except weekends and national holidays)

Reservations for entry to Upopoy or the National Ainu Museum cannot be accepted over the phone.


Reservation System
Reservations and Tickets

⬇ ウポポイ入場に関する詳細は以下をご覧ください



⬇ ウポポイ入場に関する詳細は以下をご覧ください


区分 料金 来場時に必要となる券種名
ウポポイ入場用 博物館入館用
個人 大人 1,200円 ウポポイ1日券
高校生 600円
団体(20名以上)※2 大人 960円 ウポポイ入場日予約券
高校生 480円
  • 中学生以下
  • 障がい者及びその介護者1名
  • 日付指定のない入場券をお持ちの方
  • 旅行会社が発行した入場引換券等の入場券をお持ちの方
  • 年間パスポートをお持ちの方
  1. ※1 ウポポイ1日券は、コンビニでもお買い求めいただけます。詳細はこちら→JTB レジャーチケット買い方ガイドへ
  2. ※2 ご来場になる人数分のウポポイ入場日予約券と博物館入館整理券を入手のうえ、現地窓口にてご精算ください。
  3. ※3 コンビニでの発行はできません。


区分 料金
大人 2,000円
高校生 1,000円
  • 約2回分の料金で、1年間何度でもご利用可能。
  • ご来場日が決まりましたら博物館入館整理券(WEBによる日時予約が必要)とウポポイ入場日予約券(いずれも無料)を入手の上、ご来場ください。(上図参照)
  • 新型コロナウイルス感染拡⼤防止のため、⼊場制限等の取り組みを実施しています。
  • ご来場に当たっては、お一人様ずつ(QRコードの付いた)①ウポポイ⼊場⽤②博物館⼊館⽤のチケットが
  • それぞれのチケットは⼊場希望⽇の28⽇前から⼊⼿が可能です。
  • 国立アイヌ民族博物館では、館内にいる人数を常時200人程度に保つため、
  • 博物館入館整理券のWEB予約後に、ウポポイ入場用チケット(ウポポイ1日券またはウポポイ入場日予約券)
  • 博物館以外の施設では当⽇整理券を配布するものがあります。
  • 博物館の入館料は、ウポポイ入場料に含まれます。
  • 特別展など、観覧料が別途かかる場合があります。




  • ご来場前にチケットの入手をお願いします。
  • 団体(20名以上)のお客様はこちらをご確認ください。



入場ゲート前でのサーモグラフィーによる検温 。当日、37.5℃以上発熱がある方のご入場はお断りします。



  • 「ウポポイ1⽇券(⽇付指定)」は付与されるQRコードを⾃動⼊場ゲートにかざすか、
  • 「ウポポイ⼊場⽇予約券(無料)」は⼊場ゲートの職員にQRコードをご提⽰ください。
  • 取得したチケット(QRコード)を予めプリントアウトのうえ入場ゲートの職員に提示してご入場ください
  • 障がいをお持ちの方は併せて障がい者手帳等をご提示ください。


  • 園内は⾃由に⾒学できます。
  • 整理券(当⽇配布)の⼊⼿が必要な展⽰、プログラムがあります。
  • 新型コロナウイルス感染拡⼤防⽌のため利⽤定員を限定しています。



  • ⼊場⽇当⽇までキャンセルが可能です。
  • 入場⽇の2⽇前以降は、キャンセル料(購⼊代⾦の15%)をご負担いただきます。
  • Webketマイページの購⼊履歴からキャンセル⼿続きを⾏ってください。
  • 領収書発⾏を⾏うと購⼊分のキャンセルができなくなります。
  • ⼀度に複数枚のチケットをご購⼊後、そのうちの⼀部をキャンセルすることはできません。
  • ⼊場⽇予約券、博物館⼊館整理券はキャンセル料のご負担はありません。
  • お電話でのキャンセルは承っておりません。



  1. ⼊場⽇当⽇までに券⾯に記載の「JTB HTA販売センター」へキャンセル連絡
  2. チケットとお客様名、ご連絡先、⼝座情報等を同封し「JTB HTA販売センター」(熊本市)へ送付(送料はお客様負担)
  3. キャンセル⼿数料・振込⼿数料を差し引いた⾦額を⼝座にお振込みいたします。






白老 0144-82-3914

札幌 011-206-7427