Experience Ainu Culture through Paper Craft

Download a variety of paper craft projects that let you learn as a family while enjoying Ainu culture.
You can enjoy Ainu culture at home before you visit Upopoy!


Language cards

Lots of entertaining pictures!
You can get to know Ainu words while having fun.

These are games using illustrated cards that have words in Ainu and Japanese.
Use these to learn the names of living creatures, words for items used in daily life, and about the weather.With these cards, you might just start to master Ainu!


Tureppon paper craft

TureppoN is a turep (Giant Woodland Lily) girl.
She is Upopoy’s mascot character.

Turep is a word that refers to the below-ground bulb of the giant woodland lily, where nutrients are stored. The highly prized turep is used as a preserved food and as medicine.



Make animals with deep connections to the Ainu.

The Ainu believe that many things have a resident spirit-deity, and among these the ones with great influence are called “kamuy.” Kamuy ordinarily live in the kamuy realm, and take the same form as humans. When they visit the human world, kamuy take the form of animals, plants or natural phenomena.

DailyLife and Buildings

Ainu house paper craft

Experience day-to-day Ainu life!

These paper craft projects include a diorama of a cise house where families live, a kitchen set for play-making ohaw (soup) with your favorite ingredients, and other items that convey a feel for Ainu life.

Upopoy staff members were in charge of drawing the illustrations on the Creature Cards, Match-Up Cards, and Weather Cards.

Upopoy staff

Irankarapte, everybody! We run Upopoy’s kid program and language program!
Have you played the card games yet? We imagine you might wonder about things like how to pronounce the words. That’s when you should visit Upopoy! We look forward to seeing to and answering your questions!

DOWNLOAD ALL – Experience Ainu Culture through Paper Craft

Experience Ainu culture through paper craft

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