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Upopoy serves as a national center for the revival of Ainu culture.

The Ainu are an indigenous people in the northern region of the Japanese archipelago, particularly Hokkaido. The Ainu culture is distinctive, with a language that is unrelated to Japanese, a spirituality that holds that spirits dwell in every part of the natural world, traditional dances that are performed at family events and festivals, and crafts such as wood carving and embroidery that incorporate unique patterns.
Upopoy serves as a national center for the revival and development of Ainu culture, an invaluable culture in Japan that is at risk of extinction. Upopoy was created to fulfill multiple roles and functions as a symbol of Japan’s long-term aim to build a vibrant society with a rich, diverse culture in which indigenous peoples are treated with respect and dignity, without discrimination. Experience the richness of Ainu culture while surrounded by the plentiful nature on the shores of Lake Poroto.
“Upopoy” is an Ainu word meaning “singing together in a large group”.

uaynukor kotan
Main facilities at Upopoy

an=ukokor aynu ikor oma kenru
National Ainu Museum

Japan’s northernmost national museum and the first one dedicated to the history and culture of the indigenous Ainu people.

an=ukokor uaynukor mintar
National Ainu Park

An open-air park where you can experience the culture of the indigenous Ainu people.

sinnurappa usi
Memorial Site

Dignified memorial services by the Ainu people.