Cultural Exchange Hall

Watch demonstrations of traditional Ainu performing arts. In addition to traditional Ainu dance, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, there are musical performances of mukkuri (a kind of mouth harp) and tonkori zither.

    • Performing Arts

    Traditional Performing Arts "Sinot" / "Imeru" (4/1-10/31)

    • Cultural Exchange Hall

    Enjoy a range of songs, dances, oral literature and musical performances from various rituals and daily life. *Each performance will feature either sinot or imeru.

    • Video

    Screening of Short Films "kamuy yukar" (4/1-10/31)

    • Cultural Exchange Hall

    Enjoy dynamic animations (films) based on Ainu legends.
    1. The Boy Who Brought Down ak amuy
    2.The Solar Deity Caught by Evil Fox