Cultural Exchange Hall

Watch demonstrations of traditional Ainu performing arts. In addition to traditional Ainu dance, recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage, there are musical performances of mukkuri (a kind of mouth harp) and tonkori zither.

    • Video

    Screening of Short Films “kamuy yukar”

    • Cultural Exchange Hall

    Enjoy two short films based on Ainu legends, with dynamic projection that makes use of the floor too.
    ①The Boy Who Brought Down a kamuy 
    ②The Solar Deity Caught by Evil Fox

    • Performing Arts

    Traditional Performing Arts

    • Cultural Exchange Hall

    Sinot: Ainu Songs, Dancing and Stories
    An introduction to a range of traditional songs, dances and musical performances. Discover the Ainu people's worldview and philosophy towards nature through a production that incorporates projection technology and footage of Hokkaido's beautiful landscapes.

    Inomi: Ainu Prayer, Songs and Dancing
    An introduction to a range of traditional songs and dances. Experience the worldview of the Ainu and their relationship with the kamuy (spirit-deities) through a story-based performance centered on the traditional iyomante ritual told through dancing and images. This program aims to connect the traditions of the past to the future.