School classes and other groups can enjoy workshops such as making and tasting Ainu cuisine and playing traditional musical instruments. Families are welcome, and activities suitable for young children are also available.

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    • Performing Arts

    Musical Performance

    • Workshop

    Two of the most iconic Ainu instruments are the mukkuri (a kind of mouth harp) and the tonkori zither. After hearing about the history and structure of these instruments, you’ll hear their beautiful melodies in a performance by Upopoy staff.

    • Language

    Miniature Paper Puppet Theater: Pon Theater

    • Workshop

    This original paper puppet show is an enjoyable way to learn the Ainu language. Traditional Ainu stories and Ainu versions of familiar fairy tales will be read aloud as the scenes are played out by puppets.

    • Video

    Semicircular Dome Screen Experience: Kamuy Eyes

    • Workshop

    The Ainu people have a close connection to animals and view them as spirit-deities (kamuy). See how kamuy view the world in a projection on a semicircular dome. With a 180-degree view vertically and horizontally, you’ll feel as if you’re running wild amid Hokkaido’s abundant nature yourself.