Политика сайта

Часть информации на сайте доступна только на английском языке.

Политика сайта

This policy contains information regarding links and copyrights relating to the Upopoy (National Ainu Museum and Park) website (hereafter referred to as “this website”).


In principle, permission is not required to link to this website.
However, the following points should be observed.

Refrain from using links that display this website within another website. Layouts such as those that display this website in a frame make it difficult to identify this content as belonging to the Foundation for Ainu Culture, and may mislead third parties. Links must be set to navigate away from the original website to this website, or to display this website in a new browser window.
Please note that the content and URLs of this website may be altered or deleted without warning.


This website and the information contained within are subject to copyright protection under the Japanese Copyright Act and international conventions.
The information on this website may be cited, printed, or duplicated, either partially or entirely, provided that the source is cited appropriately. However, citation, printing, and duplication whereby the content is altered is not permitted.


Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, the Foundation for Ainu Culture accepts no responsibility for any actions taken by users based on this information, and is not responsible for any damages caused to users by the suspension of services provided by this website due to circumstances outside of its control, including but not limited to cases where this suspension is caused by maintenance work, fire, power outages, natural disasters, viruses, and interference from third parties.

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